Fashion Finds: Boho Dresses

The Boho style in the fashion industry has always been on trend. I mean, it doesn't get out of fashion because admittedly, we all become obsessed with the prints and patterns of the boho style once summer has arrived. Right?

But since I live in a tropical country, wearing beautiful dresses with lovely boho patterns and style is acceptable every single day. Having said that, I'd like to share a bunch of my favorites from the brand, Ever-Pretty:

Alisa Pan Long Sleeve Boho Dress with Floral Print

The dress is so fresh and lovely with white as the dominating color. I like how balanced this dress is because it's a mini skirt yet it's long sleeves.

Alisa Pan V Neck Paisley Print Boho Dress

I extremely love the details of this dress especially the criss-cross pattern happening in the neck part. Also, the paisley print really gives the boho vibe with a bell sleeves going on. I think this is a fave of mine amongst the rest.

Alisa Pan Off Shoulder Printed Boho Dress

The fact that this is a mullet skirt just makes it super cool! The silhouette is too pretty for words and it's an off-shoulder piece. Definitely a part of the pretty dresses in the world!

Pair these dresses with accessories such as straw hats or bowler hats, dangling earrings, hair crowns, and also gladiator sandals or boots and you'll definitely be vibin'.

If you're into the boho style, do check-out ever pretty dresses as they offer lots of pieces so you'll have great choices to pick from which I'm sure you'll find something of your suiting. Happy shopping! x

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored article. I was compensated to write and publish but as per usual, all thoughts and opinions are mine.


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