DESIGN DIARY: Modernity of the Tufted

Here’s another design diary! :) It’s a modern-classic bedroom which exemplifies the minimalist theory. The color scheme is black, white and greens specifically seafoam green and pastel turquoise. The owner of this bedroom is a Goth chick who has a heart for the Victorian period. Greens were used to balance the room. The tufted bed piece was also incorporated to showcase the Victorian era and to maintain the “Goth-ness” of the owner. White was also used to create an illusion of space since the room is small. The black outlines the room which showcase the goth and black personality of the owner yet doesn’t create darkness in the space. 

The Modernity of the Tufted is a bedroom where practicality meets personality.

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  1. fantastic did a great job!

  2. lovable! <3

  3. Hey ♡
    Your Blog is really cool !! Maybe you wanna follow each other with GFC & *Bloglovin* ❀ ?
    I would love it :-) Pls let me know
    Kisses ✩ normalestrano ❅ ❄ ❆

  4. i love this especially the bed :) so amazing :> you're great :)) love love!

  5. love the design :D