Happy Ever After

Happy Ever After
Happy Ever After by raellarina

We all once dreamed of being a princess and starring in our very own fairytale but everything seems unreachable and impossible to happen now that we’ve grown into something far different than the stories we heard when we were kids. But I know that this dream never died down and the closest thing to it is meeting our prince charming and marrying him, and then live in our happy ever after!

In order to be a real-life princess, one must acquire a jaw-dropping and eye-catching wedding gown because one of the most important events ever in a girl’s life is her wedding!

Persunmall offers a wide range of wedding gown designs that will surely suit every girl’s style. From short dresses to ball gowns to long and flowy gowns --- name them all and they have it!

They even offer wedding gowns in different colors for those who don’t want the “classic white gown”. This shop understands that today’s generation is uniquely different than before and somehow, colored gowns are “in” so it’s no wonder that they keep their products updated. And with their designs, you’ll surely feel like you’re in a fairytale!

Personally, I adore almost all the pieces found at Persunmall’s online wedding gowns because they are intricately done with tailored details which will catch both the wearer and the audience’s eyes and hearts! The beads, sequins, diamonds and glitters placed in a dress are the things that catch everyone’s eyes. These little ornaments are huge statements! Tiny they may seem in the naked eye, but from a girl’s perspective, these are enough to make a girl feel like she’s a real-life princess! And persunmall did a great job with that!

Just by looking at these gowns through your laptop or personal computer screen, you’ll already feel like you’re being taken into a place far away from reality... into a place where you dream of becoming a princess and having your own castle by the lake! What more if your bare skin touches the comfortable silk or fabric? Honestly, I can imagine myself walking down the aisle wearing one of these lovely gowns!

Persunmall is definitely your one-stop (more like your one-click) shop for Wedding dresses online! I know that most brides want their dream gowns to be perfect and purchasing yours online sounds like a big risk. But don’t fret! The shop will surely be with you 24/7 in the whole process of making your gown, giving you updates and all! But if you still fear that the measurements might be different or perhaps you want a little tweaking in the design of your chosen gown, you can ask them to customize it for you! So really, there’s nothing to barricade you from having your dream gown!

Also, who says wedding gowns are strictly for weddings only? With your imagination, think outside of the box and use the not-so-long wedding gowns for proms, parties, and even as a ballet costume! Just use the right accessories and shoes and you’ll be a princess even if it’s not your wedding! Have fun shopping and living your dream!


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  1. Beautiful dresses!
    Laura. xx


  2. Even though they saw colored gowns are in, I've never seen a bride wear one outside of blue or beige.

    1. I attended a wedding wherein a bride is wearing a red gown. It was such a beautiful and very modern wedding! haha :)

  3. wonderful dresses!

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  5. Oh, such a lovely post! Very cool writing too.

  6. Interesting about the color of wedding gowns. Definitely, the wow factor.

  7. cool gowns! I'd love to wear any of those :)


  8. i also made a post about this recently XD

  9. i love persunmall too :)) aside from wedding dresses they also have chic clothes!
    by the way I have an international giveaway on my blog right. I was thinking that maybe you'd like to join :)

    1. agreed! super cute ng items nila! :"") thanks for letting me know about your giveaway ate em! :))