In your face Nostradamus! 2013 Babyyy!!

I'm a week late in posting but I'm still sharing our 2013 New Year's Eve! :) I had fun, of course. I love holidays like this because I get to spend my time with my huuuuge family! hihi. =) Annnd. Hooray! We all made it to 2013!! Not that I believe in that 21st of December end of the world crap. haha.

Our last day of 2012 started by watching Cars 2 and Kung Fu Panda 2. Hahaha. Seriously. Then, jamming all daaay long plus catching stories and eating food.

My 5'2" mom is so small whenever she's with us.hahaha.

 My family's last 2012 photos and first photos for the year 2013.

With my younger brothers :"">

 Then with my super close cousins!!

 A few minutes before the change of year, we all went outside na. Then we saw a UFO as seen on this photo. hahaha. alright, seriously speaking, we were watching fireworks. :)

 And then we're all Harry Potter :))

 One of the reasons why I like New Year's Eve is that, I get to be a witch even for just a night and produce colorful lights at the end of my wand. hihi *u*

 Daddy's Girl =))

Kahit na nagpaputok kami, We support DOH's Gangnam Campaign. haha.

And FOOOOOOOD!!! omnomnoming after the fireworks and paputok and before sleeping.



Rae Abigael J. Caacbay is a young creative who went through a quarter life crisis by the end of 2016. Though she's still lost, she keeps on moving forward anyway as a ballerina, visual artist, lifestyle blogger, and a BS Interior Design graduate based in the Philippines.


  1. Happy New Year doll...hope it's a wonderful one for you! Fun pictures x

  2. Great pictures and Happy New Year :)

  3. seems you had a lot of fun! Happy new year!

  4. Ahahah Love it! Well said!!

  5. looks like loads of fun hun happy belated new year ;D

  6. I missed out on new years fireworks this year

    1. awww. that's sad :( Anyway, Happy New Year Adam! :)

  7. I loved your photos! Looks like it was really fun ... its reveillon
    Amiga am following your blog because I loved his corner. Also visit me and if you like feel free to follow him, ok!?
    We can exchange some ideas!
    Big bj; *

  8. amazing photos! love ur blog, would be happy if we could follow each other :)