The Adventures of Raellarina~


The adventures of Raellarina. In which I try to actually be visible in my paintings rather than just my dreams being paintings. 

I confess. These were done last year when I stopped studying. I was not doing anything and I was kind of just staying at home so I experimented with my paintings, photos, and with photoshop. My photoshop skills were not good back then (not that I'm good now. haha) but I like how these pieces turned out. They are so dreamy for me! And look! David Archuleta even guess appeared in my dreams. lol. (see painting/illustration 1). 

5 days to go before Christmas! I have colds and it's not even winter from where I am from. 'Tis the season to watch The Grinch and Home Alone Movie Series. heh. I love watching Christmas Movies I swear but The Grinch is seriously my ultimate favorite. haha. What's yours? :") Also, what do you think about these "experimental" paintings?

Hopefully, I'll be able to make more adventures of raellarina. haha! 


Wishlist: Long Prom Dresses from Dressestylist

1, 2, 3, 4 

5, 6, 7

8, 9, 10

Being on a month-long semestral break -slash- Christmas break means more daydreaming and more time to "virtually" window shop in online shops. This explains today's wishlist. Magnificent Long Prom Dresses from dressestylist.

I can't believe how beautiful everything are and I actually want them all. If only I live in a castle and there is a must to wear gowns and dresses every single day, I would definitely get them all. The first set of this wishlist is girly and lovely. I can't resist pastels and I know by now that you guys know that. Pastel gowns are like a modernization of Marie Antoinette's gowns. I love Marie Antoinette and I love her extravagant and luxurious life so at least allow me to experience a part of her lifestyle even with just the pastel gowns. :) The second set on the other hand is more classy and elegant. Out of all the dresses in this entry, numbers 5,6, and 7 are my ultimate favorites! Do I have to say more? They are just, WOW. The last set is also very interesting as I feel like I'll be perfect in the star wars films wearing these long gowns. Or in Zenon films and I'll be an inter-galactic princess or royalty or something.

If you're looking for long dresses to wear in your prom or in any formal parties or occasions, do consider these great finds from dressestylist as it is clearly visible how wonderful each of the pieces they offer. You can even customize the ready-made designs they have in their shop to fit your needs. Also, the people behind the shop are all friendly and are all very accommodating.

Visit their shop now!


A White Necklace


The beauty of the classic white and gold is clearly visible in this necklace and it will always be timeless.

If we burn, you burn with us! My outfit to the Mockingjay Screening


A few days after the release of the Mockingjay in the big screen here in the Philippines, my brother and I went on a "date" and watched it together. Thesis just got finished so I wanted to unwind in whatever way possible. haha. :) Well, technically, I'm the fan of the trilogy so yeah, my treat. lol.  I can't believe that they gave us a Mockingjay poster upon buying the tickets. score! :-)

Obviously, this is another late post as Mockingjay was shown last month. I am trying to post as much backlogs as I can. So anyway, this was my outfit on that day. I was supposed to wear my Mockingjay necklace from Personalized Accessories (see here) but then I forgot to wear it. How careless & stupid of me. I'm not trying to imitate Katniss Everdeen in this outfit, rather, I'm translating my feelings to the story in this outfit. I'm still very girly despite the rebellion. haha!