Wild Spirit Portrait Series


I've been wandering all over the place, in the depths of the mountains and in the deepest shores. I sometimes play in your gardens with the sweetest flowers and fruits to accompany me. I like walking in the wind, slowly, and slowly, I enjoy the breeze that touches my hair. I close my lids as I let the wind, the sun's heat, and the moment enter the veins of my soul like blood flowing inside me. Feeling the moment that embarks my soulful memories while letting the feeling transfer to your heart and soul. Wild Spirits foreseen in each and everyone of us.


Audrey Hepburn: A Ballerina


photos from here

”My first dream was to be a ballet dancer. I didn’t know about success at all. You can only hope to get a combination of happy work and a happy life” - Audrey Hepburn

Happy Monday everyone! I need a big inspiration right now because thesis results will be out later today. I am so nervous. So this explains why I'm posting my favorite, favorite actress of all time doing my most favorite thing in the world, ballet! Oh these photos make me love Audrey Hepburn more! And she's totally inspiring me to follow my dreams no matter how difficult it is. I knew she could sing but I never knew that she's a ballerina! And that's it. She's perfect! haha. :)

I'm wishing everyone a great day and an awesome week!
God bless us all. (^^,)


Wig it up to get Vanessa Hudgens' hair


Vanessa Hudgens is one of the women I truly look up to because I am deeply and obsessively in love with her fashion style, beautiful face, and her hair! I have already revealed that Taylor Swift is one of the reasons why I learned to love my curly hair. And now, I am publicly revealing that Vanessa Hudgens is actually also one of the reasons why I learned to appreciate my naturally curly hair. She's brunette (or has raven black hair and i'm not so sure what's what) with beautiful natural locks. And she's Filipina (plus points!). haha. But back to hair talk, I honestly really, really love her hair but now that I have this long, orange mermaid hair, the only way I can achieve Vanessa's hair is through a wig! Luckily, wigsbuy offers Cheap Human Hair Lace Front Wigs and they also have customized Vanessa Hudgens wig! score!~


Bridesmaid Dresses from Dresswe


Let's admit it, pastels are always sweet to look at. And wearing a pastel bridesmaid gown in a wedding would probably be the most fantastic decision you'll ever make in your fashion life. It's just so sweet and dreamy! I'm actually imaging my future wedding to be filled with colors! And if you're planning to attend one in a colorfully sweet manner, I suggest that you browse Dresswe's 2014 cheap bridesmaid dresses http://www.dresswe.com/bridesmaid-dresses-69/ for affordable yet really elegant pieces.