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TRANSCEND- YFC-UST Ministries Concert


One of the things that kept me super busy this February was the YFC-UST Ministries Concert entitled, Transcend! It was held at the Medicine Auditorium last Feb.6,2015, two days after my retreat at Caleruega and a week before my event

It wasn't stressful at all probably because I really wanted to dance one last time for YFC before I graduate.


Valentine's 2015 // My YFC-UST Event


This will probably be one of the most memorable Valentine's day for me to date! It's really special because this was my event for YFC-UST (Youth for Christ - University of Santo Tomas). It was a two-part event, One Direction for Feb. 13, 2015 and Heartbeat for Feb. 14, 2015.

To be honest, it was a whirlwind journey. And I, well, uhm, cried on the day/night before One Direction because I don't know, it was really stressful I guess and I was so pressured. So I guess I just broke down and I just released all the stress and negative vibes. But that aside, it was fun, wonderful, and super memorable and I hope we were able to share the Love of God to the members. :)


The Different Types of Footwear Every Woman Should Own


Abandoning the fact that I grew up with nothing but pointe shoes (pointes), ballet flat shoes (flats), flip flops, and black school shoes (yes, I'm a bunhead and you probably know that already), it's only now that I am very interested with gaining the knowledge on the different types of footwear every woman should own. I mean, I dream of having my own walk-in closet with a huge shoe closet!


5 Tips for Voluminous, Healthy Hair


People often compliment me for my long, merida-like natural locks. They say it's even more beautiful than Merida's voluminous hair. And I think that my hair is my greatest asset. However though, what people don't know is that I wanted my hair to be more voluminous but I actually am scared to try to make it more voluminous in fear that it might look insanely unruly and it won't suit me since I am really thin (hello ballerina body!). And believe it or not, I strongly think that my hair is the prettiest in the morning after a long, night's sleep. :)

There are actually a lot of easy ways to give your hair a nice lift and these tips best suit those with curly hair since I am naturally curly. Here are 5 tips for voluminous, healthy hair...