My First Wall Mural Project


Hello dreamers! My dreams are slowly happening step by step and that's why I haven't been "really" updating here for months. I've been so busy working on my first design project (will do a separate post on that) and part of it was this wall mural!

One of the reasons why I took interior design was the hands-on part of the profession. Growing up, I enjoyed painting, arts, and just the art of doing crafts. Upon watching home makeover shows, I saw that the designers personally work on the construction of their projects, thus, as early as I was in elementary, I knew that interior design was my calling. When I entered College, I never knew that it was more than that! It was hella lots of hard work and sleepless nights, the good thing is, I had a lot of dedication and passion.

With that said, I'm adding to my work achievements this wall that pushed me to my limits! An artwork bigger than me holding memories of a lifetime for my client.


LUNARIOUS: Chair design by Rae Abigael Caacbay


For our furniture design 2 class, I turned the classic Greek "Klismos Chair" into a futuristic chair. I now present to you, my first chair design fresh from the moon (but long overdue since this was done a year ago)!

Growing up, I was very fond of watching Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and I wanted to mimic the same futuristic sentimentality of my childhood and translate it through the design itself. Technically, the backrest is high-back to feel the essence of the future with circular design resembling the elliptical shape of the universe in which the space objects orbit.


5 Tips in Choosing the Perfect Prom Dress


Here are some tips for you in choosing the perfect prom dress! Achieving a sophisticated and elegant look is essential. Being prepared is the key. And whatever your body type, shape, or size is, there is an amazing prom dress out there for you.

Guest Post: Interesting facts about popular cocktails


Like any other thing, cocktails have their own history and trivia. It is only logical given that cocktails are so interesting and intriguing drinks. The very sight of them makes you feel happy and jovial. No wonder people get hooked up on these mixtures so easily; they have combination of relaxing and nice colors and interesting tastes. There are many different stories about these popular cocktails, most of them are really funny and in some cases, they show individual’s ingenuity.