Sunday, August 31, 2014

"Enjoy the Ride" Wall Art Product Review from Farmhouse Printables

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This print is so timely for as you may all know that I am working on my thesis. I am just blogging whenever I can because I still have some free time. So anyway, "ENJOY THE RIDE" is something which inspires me to just keep on moving (with my thesis) and just enjoy everything because at the end of the road, it's all for my benefit. I will pass thesis! haha.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bubbly in Blue // Blue Homecoming Dresses


After doing the Pretty in Pink long homecoming dresses post, I've decided to flaunt another homecoming dresses collection and share to you these fabulous pieces from ihomecoming. You can bookmark this post for future references if there are pieces that you find fabulous and you like them very much.

Friday, August 29, 2014

BALLET: A little girl and little boys learning to dance ballet


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Every time I see a little kid learning ballet, my heart is extremely grateful & happy. I wonder how long this little girl or boy will continue to pursue her/his dream after realizing that ballet is more than just what most people see with their naked eyes... that it's hard work & it's really difficult to be in this field. But I imagine that little kid making it big out there & being the happiest person alive because she/he has fulfilled her life-long dream & she/he dances to express & not to impress... it's just a beautiful thought :"> 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

BROTHERLY LOVE: shorts oh shorts


One Sunday, my family and I went shopping. I don't really wear shorts publicly and I don't really see it as a means of a go-to outfit so while shopping...

Jastin: Ate, bumili ka nga ng shorts. Dun oh, mura lang.
Me: O_o
Jastin: :)
Me: Why?
Jude: Oo nga ate. mag-shorts ka nga!
Jude: I-make over natin si ate!
Jastin: Chiks naman yan si ate eh. Dali mag-shorts ka na.


While trying on this red fitted pants and a couple of black fitted pants...

Jude: Ate, dali mag-sukat ka din ng shorts.


After buying the red fitted pants...
Jude shows me this super shorty shorts with the UK flag print that he was holding.

Jude: Ate, ito oh.
Me: Grabe ang ikli naman!
Jude and Jastin: hahahah
Me: hahahaha

Then dad buts in...

Dad: oh, pumili ka ng tatlo bibilhan kita.
Me: T____T


What's with the shorts you guys?! hahaha. But I end up buying one. And I also bought this adorable cropped sweater-like top which will look good paired with the shorts. Alright, I'll give it a try even if I don't like wearing shorts in public and I prefer skirts over shorts. LOL. Sorry if this post is in Tagalog/Filipino. The conversation is more adorable that way, I think. Sorry international readers!

Have a blessed and fun week dreamers!~