SERENDIPITY: Architectural and Interior Design Construction Phase


You're probably aware that I finally graduated and got my BS Interior Design degree a few months ago, and I now have a job. But I still haven't posted my very first interior design project nor my graduation ceremony (backlog queen). So I figured to post it now before I start posting new designs here on my blog. But before I show you the finished design, I'll start with the construction phase of my thesis practicum project.

The University of Santo Tomas' final requirement for the BS Interior Design graduating student is working on a real design project. After passing thesis, the very last requirement is the practicum project. Usually, the student just have to find a client who's willing to let her work on their space, all expenses paid by the said client. The whole interior design project is under a time frame - just one semester (approximately 4 months) to finish everything or else there's no graduation for her. As for my case, however, the architectural structure was also squeezed in in the time frame.

It was very stressful, though less stressful than the thesis study, and I had shed so many tears on this. But I must say, it was a wonderful and fun experience to have a taste of what's in store for me in the real world. I had a very, very complicated client and so many changes happened that I learned how to adjust the design (and also fight for what's right. haha. ---for the proper layout and design that is). And I also learned how to supervise a construction team. The whole experience was fun and I learned so much. I seriously love my University for training me to the extent. :)

I finished on time (alleluia!) and I am very proud to exclaim that I got a grade of flat 1 (wooohooo) for this interior design project! :">

Design Tips For Creating An Amazing Entertainment Room Without Overspending


If you are lucky enough to have an unused room in your home, why not turn it into an entertainment room? If you love watching movies (don’t we all), reading books, or just chilling out with friends, an entertainment room is ideal.

You might think that creating an entertainment room would be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. You can actually, create an awesome entertainment room without overspending - want to know how? Yes - then make sure to keep reading below, for all my top design tips.

Philippine based designer Janina Zerrudo is taking spider webs to the next level!


"I think of classic elegance, simplicity, timelessness, while still also being casual. I want something unique and something that will never be out of style," - Janina Zerrudo

Growing up, I never really liked spiders especially those huge species in the family. I liked drawing them when I was a kid but interacting with them was different. However, I never thought that I would appreciate them so much for their beautiful skills in creating spider webs and truth be told, I'm glad they exist for if not, this beautiful graduation collection of Janina Zerrudo would not exist!

Prepare your eyes because you might not be able to take the beauty of this collection --- words are not enough for explanation.

Out of my limit: 5 Seconds of Summer (5sos) Ultimate Fangirl Outfit


I think I finally found my concert outfit for 5 Seconds of Summer's Philippine concert! Woooh! yes, I am that advanced. A fangirl's gotta do what a fangirl's gotta do. And we fangirls always, always plan ahead. I've already learned what to do and what not to do through the years of fangirling over David Archuleta. I'm already saving up and I will work my butt off so I can have the perks of going to 5sos' concert with a VIP Ticket, Soundcheck Ticket, anddddd also, so I can check in at their hotel! ahehehe :">

And now let's go back to my outfit. I seriously love everything about it! It's a 5 Seconds of Summer (5sos) Ultimate Fangirl Outfit!... but a lot classier and sophisticated. :)