Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to manage curly hair (curly hair care tips)


Ahoy! :) I've been asked by almost everyone I meet whether I got a perm or whether my hair is real. People always get surprised when they find out that my curls are natural and it's just my hair color that is fake. Whether in person or through the world wide web, I get compliments for my hair so I guess it's time to finally share my curly hair care tips and learn how to manage curly hair. :)

It was not easy living with this type of hair as my classmates were teasing me back in my elementary days because I have a curly hair! I was actually waiting for the right age to finally be allowed to get my hair rebonded but a huge thank you to Taylor Swift because ever since she got so famous, I started liking and appreciating my natural locks and thankfully, I have never got my hair straightened!

It wasn't easy finding these curly hair care because truth be told, I think this will be an endless search but as for now, here are some tips on how to manage curly hair which I do to maintain my locks and make them beautiful. :)) Hope they'll help you too! :D

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ola Bayle 8

the photo belongs to its rightful owner, but thanks for taking this

Aside from dancing ballet, I also enjoy dancing Waltz and Tango. This is a very late post but I guess I ought to tell you this amazing, great news! I placed at the 8th season of Ola Bayle together with my new dancing partner, Harley! We won 1st runner-up! I was 5th runner-up 2 years ago with Ali. Anyway, I was seriously thankful to end up as 1st runner-up (although, it would be more awesome if we were the champion. haha) but the thing is, unlike the other contestants, Harley and I only met a week before the competition which means, we only practiced for less than a week!

Honestly, I was really planning to join this year's Ola Bayle but I cannot contact Ali (my original partner) and I was flooded with plates and I really can't make time to practice. But fortunately, my college had no classes for a week, and that week was the week of the competition! Great news right? Also, Harley texted me one night while I was on retreat. Apparently, his partner backed-out so Ma'am Apolonia paired us up!

I was on retreat when I realized how everything was falling into place and God really wanted me to dance. And it seems as if God really wanted me to join the competition just like the way he wanted me to dance in front of David Archuleta. :)))

I love how interesting my life is. It's like, when I stop hoping for things to happen, they happen magically. :)))

~huge amount of photos after the jump~

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Black Swan - Black Cat


Here's something unusual from the pastel-loving ballerina on fire!~
Black, black, black! 

I can't decide on the title of this post ---Black Swan or Black Cat? So I've just decided to use both, hence, the "Black Swan - Black Cat" title. :"> Anyway, I finally got my dose for this "little black dress" which every girl should have in her wardrobe. My little black dress is from coco fashion and it reminds me of a ballet tutu worn by the Black Swan in Swan Lake. :)

But before I talk about me being a black swan, let me first talk about my black cat self all thanks to sammy dress! This Fashion Style Women's Platform Shoes With Animal Print and Rivets Design is my first ever creepers! meow~
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