I whirled around, spooked.


I guess if you're so exposed in the art world, you get bored with yourself more often than not that you start trying out other things which might break your usual style and habit. And I guess I am on that phase right now. No tattoos and additional piercings yet but who knows? If my dad allows me which I doubt would ever happen. Anyhow, I finally painted half of my closet last week which I've been attempting to do since before I even started working. It's still unfinished but it makes a really interesting backdrop for my blog photos! :) Also, I finally own a pair of combat boots which I'll talk about later on this post. :")

Angel Spirits Thrift House


I have always been smitten with all things old so just imagine what I felt upon entering this thrift house at Cubao-Expo.

Manila Fame (March 2015)

Me with the Kenneth Cobonpue

Manila Fame tickled my fancy to the extreme! :) I was over the moon to have met some of my favorite designers and artists in the event so even though I am 8 months late in sharing this, I can still feel my excitement and happiness while recalling the moments I have had in Manila Fame March 2015!

When the Philippines International Furniture Show (PIFS) invited me to be one of their medias (blogger), I was a bit surprised to see two events held at the same time and at the same location. I mean, I wasn't prepared but it was definitely very fun!

My First Ever Newspaper Ad in the Philippine Star Newspaper


I am so proud of myself for having an advertisement published in an actual newspaper! I mean, I graduated with a B.S. Interior Design degree and graphic design is not my forte but MY NEWSPAPER AD WAS PUBLISHED! wooohoo! Can you feel my happiness? :)

*happy dance*
And yes, it has to be framed and hanged on my wall. :))

I was tasked by my boss to work on this newspaper advertisement for our modular kitchen (Stormer) during my 2nd week at work (if I'm not mistaken). I was actually very, very nervous because as I have mentioned before, this isn't my forte. The thing is, I know that he's aware that I know how to use Photoshop because I mentioned it on my resume and he just wanted to see my idea. So I did my best and I was so glad that he liked it! The newspaper advertisement was first published on September 22, 2015 in the Philippine Star and upon seeing it in my local email at the office, I immediately texted my dad. My dad bought the Philippine Star newspaper that day but he wasn't able to find the ad I made. So mejo disappointing because my happiness was short-lived because maybe the ad wasn't really published? So when I got home that day, I looked for it myself. Apparently, the newspaper my dad bought was yesterday's paper. My mom was in Iligan, Mindanao that week and she used newspapers to wrap her pasalubong. I looked for the ad in the newspaper she used as wrappers, and lo, and behold, I found the advertisement I made! Hence, the crinkled look as you can see. haha.

But I'm just so proud of myself for having my first ever newspaper ad in the Philippine Star Newspaper. Yay! Will there be a second, third, fourth, fifth one? I don't know. But I'm extremely happy for this because I'm not an Advertising Arts graduate but I have this newspaper ad. Yehey! hehe :))

And I have proud parents as well. :">

P.S. The Newspaper Advertisement had been published 3x now. :)