My first job site visit for Dexterton Stormer Kitchen


On my 3rd week at work, I went to Tagaytay Highlands!!! :)

It was my first job site visit for Dexterton Stormer Kitchen and I surely had a good time! I mean, this is really what I want, spending time at construction sites rather than being locked up in the 4 walls of the office. :")

Full of riddles i couldn't guess


So my brother and I found this spot in my 8-storey office with huge white walls and we took the liberty to take photos. Expect a bunch of incoming outfit posts in this background as I've been shooting there everyday with my office mates. haha.

Fashion Finds: Hair Wefts from Mofain

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{original photo credit to the owner}

Hair Wefts or weft hair extensions are getting more and more popular now-a-days. You may have encountered them from your favorite bloggers or from websites or from online shops around the web and it got you thinking. As for me, my curiosity led me to finding these cheap human hair wefts from Mofain.