Wednesday, August 27, 2014

BROTHERLY LOVE: shorts oh shorts


One Sunday, my family and I went shopping. I don't really wear shorts publicly and I don't really see it as a means of a go-to outfit so while shopping...

Jastin: Ate, bumili ka nga ng shorts. Dun oh, mura lang.
Me: O_o
Jastin: :)
Me: Why?
Jude: Oo nga ate. mag-shorts ka nga!
Jude: I-make over natin si ate!
Jastin: Chiks naman yan si ate eh. Dali mag-shorts ka na.


While trying on this red fitted pants and a couple of black fitted pants...

Jude: Ate, dali mag-sukat ka din ng shorts.


After buying the red fitted pants...
Jude shows me this super shorty shorts with the UK flag print that he was holding.

Jude: Ate, ito oh.
Me: Grabe ang ikli naman!
Jude and Jastin: hahahah
Me: hahahaha

Then dad buts in...

Dad: oh, pumili ka ng tatlo bibilhan kita.
Me: T____T


What's with the shorts you guys?! hahaha. But I end up buying one. And I also bought this adorable cropped sweater-like top which will look good paired with the shorts. Alright, I'll give it a try even if I don't like wearing shorts in public and I prefer skirts over shorts. LOL. Sorry if this post is in Tagalog/Filipino. The conversation is more adorable that way, I think. Sorry international readers!

Have a blessed and fun week dreamers!~

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Have You Seen This Wizard? // A Dress for the Potterheads


I cannot believe that it has been almost a month already since I turned 21. It was surreal. It was fantastic. But I just cannot comprehend what's the difference of being a year older when I already am enjoying my life and cannot really tell if being 21 is more fun than being 20. I mean, I am a year older but the way I see life is magically the same and I am chasing for my dreams. :-)

So this is what I wore to my 21st birthday dinner with my family. A Harry Potter-inspired outfit for a Potterhead birthday girl.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Orange Hair - "Merida from Brave" & A Make-Up Transformation


It wasn't really my intention to go orange but dying the top part of my hair with copper brown somehow did the job. I really have no idea why it turned out orange but I am loving it! ;-) I guess this what happens when you dye your hair at home.

Apparently, I'm getting a lot of fun and memorable moments since being an orange-headed girl. Here are some of them:

**Being randomly called as "Merida" by strangers. My friends and org mates already call me "Merida" ever since I dyed my hair red so I'm used to it already. But what makes my heart leap is the fact that strangers call me this as if I'm this Disney cartoon who stepped out of the television! I mean, I'm just walking around the school campus and they stare at me and call me "Merida".

**Meeting people because of my hair. Random people would go to me and ask, "Totoo ba yang buhok mo?" (Is your hair real?). And the conversation will start from there and will end with "I'm *insert name here" by the way. Nice to meet you!"

**Getting asked if they could get their pictures taken with me. I'm not a big fan of my face and my overall-look so I really get shy when people wants to take pictures with me. My usual reaction is, "hala, weh? totoo ba? bakit?" (seriously? for real? but why?). I guess it's all in the hair. haha! Work it, hair! :")

**People smile at me. I smile back. I think one of the best things in the world is receiving smiles from people you don't know and giving those smiles back.

Ironically, I love meeting people but most of the time I avoid being with them. Truth be told, as much as possible, I walk to a path where there are less people. I don't know why but I just do.

I don't know what's going on inside people's minds whenever I walk pass by them. Perhaps there are those who thinks I'm a weirdo, who thinks I'm a foreigner, who thinks I'm something, who thinks I want attention, and whatever judgmental blah they think. But whatever the case is, I don't really care because I know what I want and I don't really care what other people think. I, myself, have no idea too why I dye my hair but it makes me happy so I do it.

Anyway, being called "Merida", I took this advantage when I finally joined the #makeuptransformation bandwagon. ta-daaahhh!

HAHAHA. It actually took me a day before I finally decided to post this on facebook after doing it. hahaha. Nahihiya kasi ako eh. hahaha. My orange hair is in waterfall braid so it's not as voluminous as Merida's. I still like my transformation though. :))))

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Happy List Vol. 1


1. Winning 1st Runner-Up at the Ola Bayle 8 Dance Competition
2. Being called by God to be the Senior Sister of YFC-CFAD & YFC-ARKI (YFC-BEATO) for SY 2014-2015
3. Waiting for a public transport at past 12am with a friend
5. Receiving hand-written letters in the mail
6. Mailing letters to my penpals
7. Watching my favorite 90s shows
8. Pastel pink and polka dots umbrella
9. Being remembered by Michael Christian Martinez as the ballerina after a 3-minute performance last month
10. That magical feeling of being recognized by a famous Olympic figure skater.
11. My brother suggesting music for my ballet dance
12. Candle light as a means of light at home
13. my first ever job interview <3

So this is the first volume of my 'happiness'. More to come! :""> I first saw this "happy list" from Ate Camie's blog and I find it very interesting. I just have to try it especially because all these things I'm supposed to do are stressing me out so I have to constantly remind myself that I am a happy camper and list down all my happy moments, big or small. I think this is a great way to boost one's self confidence.

And the happy list is indeed a happy list. I might be doing this more often from now on. :-)
Happy week dreamers! :"D