Inspiration: Black and White Window Treatments

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A lot of home makers, home enthusiasts, decorators, and the like usually take curtains and draperies for granted; leaving these home decors the last consideration in their spaces. However, as an interior design student, studying for this degree has thought me that curtains and draperies are as important as the wall color and the lighting.

First of all, window treatments take at least 30% - 60% of your spaces depending on how many windows you have. In some cases, if you're living in a glass house, 99% of your space will have to be all about draperies and curtains!

With that said, I'm gathering inspirations for window treatments. For today, it's all about black and white since this shade and hue is a timeless classic! Perfect for all types of design styles ranging from the very clean minimalistic style to the every so heavy and beautiful traditional design style.


Frothy pink soup dotted with raspberries


Rewinding to four months before, here's an outfit exhibiting this lovely pink dress which shouts "feminist sailor". It seems to me like I'll be boarding to a cruise ship any time soon.


PIFS 2015: To Promote Filipino Talent in Furniture Show


While I was busy with my thesis practicum design project (eeep. it's my first ever real design project before graduation!), I got an invite to the Philippines International Furniture Show (PIFS) 2015. Of course I said yes even if it meant squeezing in my tight schedule and working harder (school stuff <not to mention it was my prelims week> + practicum) to be able to go to this HUGE furniture show! 

To be honest, I never really heard of PIFS before only until after I got an invite that I found out that it's a united showcase of the Philippine furniture industry that features premier names in furniture, lighting, interior design, and home decors wherein they will showcase their best and latest creations and is a one-stop-shop for international buyers, famous personalities, trade buyers and local icons for their furniture needs.

They told me that it would be the honor of the Philippine furniture and design industry if I could feature PIFS 2015 here on my blog but I believe that that's not the case. Because it was, in fact, a great honor for someone like me to have had this great opportunity to be in this 4-day event.




Penumbra (pĭ-nŭm′brə). n. (1.) A half shadow. (2.) the partial or imperfect shadow outside the complete shadow of an opaque body, as a planet, where the light from the source of illumination is only partly cut off.

A digital collage by Rae Abigael J. Caacbay

Oh hey dreamers! I tried experimenting on my art using my past works and my selca once when I was procrastinating. And it turned into this digital collage. I posted this on instagram two weeks ago. I actually am proud of this piece because I took procrastination to the highest level. haha.

Life update: I've been pretty busy last week. It was a week of interior design haven if I must say. I went furniture & supply sourcing and did a little shopping with my client for my practicum design project, went to Worldbex 2015 and Obra Maestra 2015, visited Manila Fame 2015 and met 2 of my favorite designers (eep!!! kilig kilig fangirling mode on my goodness! will blog about this soon. haha), got invited to PIFS {Philippines International Furniture Show} 2015 (been uploading photos on instagram), and the construction of my practicum design project is on-going! Ceiling construction is almost done and the flooring installation will begin today. Yay! Hopefully I'll meet the April 6, 2015 deadline. huhu. Anyway, I really am enjoying some of the little "sneak previews" of my life after graduation. And I am so excited to live my dream! :-)

Thanks for dropping by at my virtual sanctuary. Have a blessed day!~