Happy Halloween!!! My cousin's 40 Days.


Happy Halloween! This is a day late but I forgot to post this last night for I fell asleep. I am very pre-occupied with my thesis so I will not be able to celebrate "Undas"properly. I'm using old photos from the previous years. My family plans on spending time at the cemetery for 3 days. Oct 31 to Nov. 2. Apparently, I am here at home, working. Anyway, it's better to sacrifice a little now than to be on the same situation again next year.

Yesterday, Oct. 31, 2014 was my dear cousin's 40 days. We went to the cemetery. I really miss him. Everything's different. Everything will be different. I cannot even write properly now. I don't know what to say.


Product Review: Pastel Pink Bow Ring from Gwyllion


I've always been a Hello Kitty fan though not as obsessed and as addicted as those known as Hello Kitty lovers. However, Hello Kitty has been a part of my childhood and I can vividly remember myself collecting stationery, stickers, and other thingamabobs related to this sanrio character. She's pink and that's why I love her so much... I guess.

Receiving this pastel pink bow ring (similar here) from Gwyllion made me nostalgic. The adorable pastel ring reminds me of the bow Hello Kitty wears!


LIFE LATELY: F-U-N Before Thesis Stress + Thesis Update

Before thesis.... I was. still. smiling.

First row: Family time at SM Aura  
Middle row: NBA Cafe (I have 2 brothers), watched David Archuleta's vlog pretending that we're on a video call (HAHA!), and selfie with my brothers during our Aunt and Uncle's 25th wedding anniversary
 3rd row: (1-2) YFC-UST's general assembly, shoes from Zalora ph!)

Sorry if I have been MIA these couple of weeks. I have never been this stressed in my school life ever. I mean seriously, who knew that you have to DO THIS AND BE SO STRESSED IN CHASING YOUR DREAM?! Fortunately, I am very passionate about Interior Design and Ballet and I'm so glad that I'm working on the AFP Theater to be my design project for thesis. Apparently, my passion for ballet keeps me going! (and my ever so supportive family). I actually don't want to talk about my thesis just yet because I still have to do the book and face the panel of jurors. It's just that, yesterday was our thesis endorsement and I actually accepted the fact that I might not get endorsed and do thesis again next year because I still have 3 perspectives left to do yesterday. But God works in mysterious ways and I AM ENDORSED. OMG! I don't know how that happened but I am so glad that I have my family and all my friends who helped me be endorsed! Although being endorsed doesn't mean that I'll surely pass thesis, still, I'm so glad I reached this level.

So anyway, let me show you how busy I am through these photos...


Bloom Fairy in the City


With a lace dress hugging my body and a hair as long as Rapunzel's but as curly as Merida's, my time at the Bloom Arts Festival 2 (see part 1 or part 2) can be comparable to my personification of a fairytale character getting out of the make-believe story and entering this beautiful realm.

It was magical. From a dull and repetitive lifestyle I was having that time due to school, the beautiful black and white world where I was at suddenly blasted into different colors found at the spectrum... it was so beautiful that the colors went beyond the spectrum of the rainbow.

*insert David Archuleta's angelic, heart-melting voice here*
"Paint it over when your world is grey..."