Insecurities (And how I'm trying to overcome them)


"i am insecure and somehow, i..."

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I've always been seen as this "confident young lady who knows what she's doing and who already knows what she wants to do with her life. Someone who's so confident about everything she does. Someone who accepts herself. Someone who doesn't care about what other people say".

Apparently, I'm not what I appear to be. Or so do I say.

Well, you see, I've never really talked about my insecurities. I believe my diary, other than myself, is the only one that knew about everything I felt. I bet my family, friends, and loved ones hardly had any ideas.

Prepare for a serious blog entry. This is real talk.

Disappeared into the night


Versatility --- an understatement to describe my current mood, feelings, and style. Is being versatile beautiful? I don't know. It kind of mess things up a bit. I guess that's the process of finding who you really are. And in terms of clothing, you want to try this and that which is not bad but if you're a newbie designer and you're branding yourself in the industry, i think that's not a good thing. It's not a bad thing yet it's not a good thing. It's somewhere in between.

Fashion Inspiration: Sweet Lolita and Landybridal

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I have always adored the Japanese's take in fashion. I love how artistic they are and how they are not afraid to experiment and mix & match. And one of the fashion styles I love is the Sweet Lolita.

According to wikipedia, Sweet Lolita, also known as ama-loli (甘ロリ ama rori?) in Japanese, "is heavily influenced by Victorian and Edwardian clothing. Focusing on the fantasy aspects of Lolita, the Sweet Lolita style adopts the basic Lolita format and uses lighter colors and childlike motifs in its design."

Mr. Moo's Milk Planet Co.


"Mr. Moo's Milk Planet Co. is the marketing arm of small, local dairy cooperatives. “This business was put up more for the helping of farmers which is one of our joys,” Mike said.  passion in revolutionizing the dairy business stems from its desire to ensure that the local, dairy cooperatives it supports, will have a constant market to absorb its raw milk production. This joint effort with dairy cooperatives allows dairymen to breed cows, carabao and goats with high productivity and pedigree producing only the highest quality and best tasting milk." Read more about them here.