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Hello, hello! It's been so long since I last made a wishlist post and I missed curating! So here you go. All of the items I included are from Banggood and I included the item links above so you can check them out if something fancies you. I think that in this wishlist post, you can tell how I have two styles when it comes to fashion and it wasn't really my intention to do that but I guess it just came out naturally while editing the wishlist board. Look how girly and feminine my style is then it switches into a more goth and punk style really quick! hehe

If I could just acquire every single one in this wishlist, that would be awesome! I'm so in love with everything and I seriously was styling them in my head with the pieces I have in my closet while photoshopping them.

Anyway, just to give you a little background on the shop. Banggood was founded in 2006, specializing in computer software research and development. Focusing on foreign trade e-commerce. From there it developed into an online retailer for almost everything you need for living and entertaining. They believe in providing not only the best products but also the best support and service to their customers. If you don't already know, their motto is "best bang for your buck" and they’re proud to offer you exclusive deals and promotions just for you.

Wicked - The Musical in Manila 2017


"No one mourns the Wicked"

I watched Wicked last Friday, Feb. 17, 2017 with my cousins at The Theatre at Solaire. This Musical is definitely one for the books and it brought tears to my eyes because it was that good. Like, I got goosies all throughout! SOBRANG GANDA, grabe!!

This musical is actually my first foreign theater musical experience and I've been hearing about this play years ago, David Archuleta even posted on social media that this musical is amazing! Well, I love Wizards of Oz but I've never researched about the story of Wicked because I want to be surprised inside the theater. I want everything to happen inside the theatre, though I've already heard songs from the play since I had an office mate who loves Wicked and she plays it in the office.

So anyway, I can say that among all the spectators who watched Wicked that night, it impacted me greatly. I was moved to tears because they were so amazing! Everything was truly, well, breathtaking, I must say. And I was so, so inspired to go back to performing and dancing again. Like guys, after the first act, I was like, "have you seen one of the performers? she was wearing pointe shoes!". haha. But nobody else noticed it though. I swear everything was fantastic! From the stage design, costumes, songs, plot, and the cast! The cast were all amazing, I love how they embrace their characters!

Click this to listen to the Wicked Playlist.

If you live in the Philippines, you must see Wicked! They opened on Feb. 2 and will close on March 19.

Running time: 
ACT 1- 1hr 28mins
Intermission - 20 mins
ACT 2 - 1hr 1min
TOTAL: 2hrs 50mins (almost 3 hours)

You can check ticketworld for ticket prices. :)

DIY Project: Give Your Home the Ancestral Vibe


Ancestral homes, as we all know, is the place of one’s origin. It is a residence owned and preserved by a family for generations. Though ancestral homes are beautiful just the way they are, it still needs a generous amount of time maintaining it. Hence, here are some easy DIY home projects that’ll help you in preserving and adding to the nostalgic ambiance of the stunning home you have.

Fashion Finds: Swimsuits for the Conservative Girls from StyleWe

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Can you feel the heat, Philippines?! Well, it's always scorching hot here but when summer's coming, it gets even hotter! And I bet if you're also living in this tropical country, you may have felt the intense heat already so with that, to prepare for summer, I found a few swimsuit pieces from StyleWe which are perfect for conservative girls, like me! And trust me on this, they will not show your side boob or butt cheeks!

To be honest, it's always so difficult for me to find swimsuit pieces that I'll be comfortable to wear in, like, yes, I don't like bikinis because I feel so exposed in it. Also, I don't have big boobs and most beautiful swimwear pieces out there only compliment those with big boobs and big butts. Like, when my eyes catch a beautiful swimwear in stores, it always disappoints me because they won't compliment my small boobs, small butt, and thin body type. You get what I mean?