1. Did you perm your hair?
** NOPE. I am naturally curly. I am born this way. hehe. :)  

2. Is your hair real?
** HAHAHA. YES. It’s not a wig. It’s real and natural. I am just naturally curly and I use artificial hair colorant because I believe that it looks ugly in black (my natural hair color) so I give my hair a little swish and swoosh so ta-duhhh! It looks like a mermaid hair. =))))

3.  Are you a ballerina?
**I somehow find this really funny especially when this question is asked online. I mean, you can see it in my photos. Haha. But anyway, I guess you guys just want to start a conversation. :) So to answer this question, YES, I AM. And I’ve been a ballerina since I was 4 years old. Unfortunately, I stopped having formal ballet training/lessons for almost 4 years now because of financial problems. You can read my story here. But I am still dancing ballet --- why, ofcourse! I can’t live without ballet --- in school programs, opening prayers, events, and whenever opportunity knocks. I just missed dancing in a real ballet show.

4.  I want to be a ballerina too, but I guess I’m too old. Can I still take lessons? Can I still learn ballet?
**I think no one is too old for ballet. It’s just that, you have wasted all those years when your bones and muscles are soft enough to be molded into a ballerina’s. But, I believe that you can still learn ballet and be a ballerina as long as you have the passion and determination to be one. If you’re embarrassed to be in a class where little kids are your balletmates, don’t be. Everybody starts somewhere. Also, I think you should check out the programs your local ballet school offers. Most probably, you’ll find something in their program which will fit your interest.  Lastly, I am in the process of working on a “Ballet for Beginners” kind of program. It’ll be free you know so watch out. :D

5.  Where do you take your ballet lessons? Where is your ballet school?
**I used to go to Vella C. Damian School of Ballet or VCD for short. It’s in Quezon City. But I am currently not taking any lessons as what I have said in question #3.

6. What brand of watercolor do you use?
**Prang. I tried other brands but I am really into Prang. :)))

7. What brand do you prefer for paintbrushes? What do you use?
**I don’t have a specific brand because I use whatever brand is available. I have Berkley though. And I usually use Chinese brush.

8.  How tall are you?
** I am 5’5” and I have not yet reached 100 lbs. ever in my lifetime. hahaha

9. Are you a dance major?
**hahaha. Nope. I am taking up Bachelor of Science major in Interior Design. I just love love love to dance. :”>

10. Are you Korean / Japanese/ Foreigner?
**Hindi po. :) haha. Pinay ako! Filipina. But I am part Chinese and part Spanish. Pero konti lang. parang, patak-patak lang sa dugo. hahaha. :D

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