How to Create a Productive Workspace at Home


Hello guys! Last August 19, 2020 (Wednesday), I conducted a free webinar together with Big Barkada. I was invited to be one of their guest speakers. Of course I said yes because I like sharing and helping out. Since we are still living in a pandemic and we are unsure of what's about to happen, working from home is the new normal. If you want to know how to create a productive workspace at home, I hope this video helps!

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  1. Great presentation at the webinar! I like how you presented yourself and your design studio.

    1. Hi, Ivana! Thank you so much! :") I appreciate this. :)

  2. A productive work space is not that easy to obtain. Your tips are very useful and they certainly can come in hand if one manages to find space and time for this.

  3. Wow, congrats dear, you are simply amazing!
    Take care always!