Why Silver Has Grown In Value

The jewellery industry has experience remarkable growth in the sales and production of quality silver pieces, which are less expensive than gold, but still a great investment. Whether you are picking out a gift for someone, treating yourself or just looking for something to replace your old gold jewellery, silver items have many advantages over gold.

The Benefits of Silver over Gold Jewellery

++ Some silver items can look far classier and just as costly as gold. In fact, a diamond set in silver looks extremely tasteful. Some of the most popular pieces of silver jewellery are bracelets. Their style and designs can vary greatly, from dainty thin chains to broad, massive bands, so there is something to satisfy all styles. You can see several signature pieces here.

++ Silver is also admired for its ability to blend with just about any skin complexion. Gold jewellery can look colourless and bleak when paired with dark or pale complexions, whereas silver harmonises with any skin tone.

++ Silver is a lot less expensive than gold and you can get a stunning piece at a modest price. It also means you can buy more pieces for your jewellery collection, creating an abundance of choices.

++ Silver is a lot less expensive than gold and you can get a stunning piece at a modest price. It also means you can buy more pieces for your jewellery collection, creating an abundance of choices.

++ Silver is a hard and durable metal that will stand the test of time. It is very easy to file and polish and jewellers are usually able to repair surface damage that occurs with normal wear. Rings are easy to size, too, and the overall repair costs for silver are economical. What’s more, silver can be made to order and customised. Silver by Mail has a wide collection of silver jewellery so make sure to check out their collection.

++ Artistry is plentiful with silver, mainly because artists can afford to cast more designs in the metal compared to platinum or gold. This means more jewellery designers come up with new, unique concepts and consumers can delight in the fact that they don’t have to wear the same thing day in and day out.

++ Style is easy to maintain. Keeping up with the latest trends is easy as most jewellers can easily acquire the latest silver styles. The constant change in fashion is usually the reason people prefer silver over gold. It is easy for consumers to change entire ensembles, which happens less often with platinum and gold.

Image by The Glasgow School of Art via Flickr

A Few Pointers

When buying silver jewellery, it is still important to ensure you are getting good quality items. Pure silver is typically too soft to work with and will be combined with other metals, mainly copper. According to law, all silver jewels have to be marked with the 925 stamp. This corresponds to the quantity of silver used in the making of the item – 92.5 percent. If you choose a piece that doesn’t have this stamp, chances are it is made out of non-precious metals with merely a silver glazing. These will not be real silver jewels and won’t prove to be valuable investments.

Gold has become a little unaffordable for many, and silver’s perceive value is enjoying a shift. With the cost of gold sky rocketing, jewellers can ill afford to take a risk creating fashion pieces that are not going to sell. However, the price of silver has also risen, adding to its perceived value. It is now cheap enough for retailers to buy, but valuable enough for consumers to enjoy.

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  2. I have always liked silver better then gold, I find it goes with more items of clothing and definitely a better price xox