Life After Thesis

Mockingjay date with my baby brother | cookies and cream kisses | Scrapbooking | Maginhawa Food Trip with friends

Iligan City Trip (Back in my hometown) | Went to Divine Mercy Shrine | Ate lunch in an old restaurant | Rode a kalesa (tantanilla) Swam at Taytay (Mindanao) | Visited Maria Cristina Falls | City lights | Fixed my closet (yep, I like color-coding things) | Bahay Kubo experience

Tagaytay Overnight Adventure (I'll do a separate post for this)

Hello there! Just the shortest of the short update. I just want to document these moments because I did all of these right after passing thesis! wooohoo! So just imagine my joy and excitement because it was like as if I 've been imprisoned my whole life that I was a giddy kid going to these places after thesis!!! :-) Well you know, it's nice to treat yourself a bit after hard work!

Also, you guys!!! I finally have an instagram account after 9874174893xx years! hahaha :) Please follow me pleeeease with a sugar strawberry on top. (Well, if you're interested that is. haha)


Rae Abigael J. Caacbay is a ballerina, visual artist, and a BS Interior Design graduate based in the Philippines. She went through a quarter life crisis by the end of 2016 and though she's lost in the middle of fulfilling her dreams, she still keeps on moving forward anyway. Most of her work focuses on interior design, writing/marketing, and painting.


  1. Congratulations Rae, that is awesome about your thesis... I am following you on Instagram now... I am so glad you did some really fun things after you completed your thesis... keep having as much fun as you can... xox

  2. I super envy you for having an awesome vacay after your thesis. Congratulations then! :D

    from Myxilog with Love <3

  3. omg, you were here in Iligan? we could have met.

    1. YES! Nung December. oo nga! sayaaaang! :/ Next time i'll let you know. hihi

  4. finally, you were able to breathe again.
    congratulations dear Rae!

    Hi dear,
    I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award.
    in your free time please do check it out.

    Ms. Kei

    1. not yet. i still have practicum eh. haha. but anyway, thank you kei! :)))

  5. I've only been on one ferris wheel and it wasn't nearly that tall

  6. Congratulations on completing and passing your Thesis! It looks like you had a wonderful time experiencing life in celebration. I don't have an Instagram account but I love all of your photos.

  7. Wow! You did so much after you've done your thesis!!!! I can't wait to spend my summer to the fullest before I enter Dental proper next sem. :))

    Have a nice day, Rae!