"Enjoy the Ride" Wall Art Product Review from Farmhouse Printables


This print is so timely for as you may all know that I am working on my thesis. I am just blogging whenever I can because I still have some free time. So anyway, "ENJOY THE RIDE" is something which inspires me to just keep on moving (with my thesis) and just enjoy everything because at the end of the road, it's all for my benefit. I will pass thesis! haha.

I love the vintage appearance of the print. And it's so girly with its pink color scheme. I will seriously put this up somewhere in my room.

The print is just simple. A bicycle + the words. But its simplicity has a positive impact

The print for this "Enjoy the Ride" Wall Art is available as an instant download and it can be purchased here. You can also visit Farmhouse Printables for more lovely and amazing prints! Also, I did a product review for the "She believed she could so she did" wall art. You can read it here if you're interested.

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Rae Abigael J. Caacbay is a young creative who went through a quarter life crisis by the end of 2016. Though she's still lost, she keeps on moving forward anyway as a ballerina, visual artist, lifestyle blogger, and a BS Interior Design graduate based in the Philippines.


  1. So lovely!

  2. NIce review Rae! :) Thanks for commenting on my blog too. Nice to meet another Pinay ballerina blogger. To answer your question, I teach my little cousin ballet and I only do teach the little kiddos while they're waiting for their turn during recital week to help them keep quiet and busy. They can be a handful but they are still cute! HAHA I really adore you blog. It's cool how you started 2011 pa. Keep in touch! <3 xx

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    1. ahhh i see. haha. okok. thanks so much for sharing! and thank you Sammie :)) This blog isn't really a ballet blog but i am starting to think of turning it into one. idk. haha. ;)

  3. Adorable! :D



  4. Oh, thank you so much about this post! I am in a serious moment of my life like never before and that Enjoy the Ride reminds me I should enjoy "my ride" along my life! Thank you so much for that! I hope you go ahead enjoying the ride with your thesis! I was there some years ago and it was difficult, but doable! When it's ready it's even more enjoyable to see what we were able to do! Hope you have a great Sunday! Seeing you on facebook kept me a bit absent from your blog, but I always come back! denisesplanet.com

    1. awww. you are so sweet denise! and i am so glad that this blog post has inspired and touched you in a way. your message has touched me as well, i mean, there are times wherein i am so lazy in working on my thesis and feeling like i will never make it. but yesterday's thesis consultation with my adviser has helped me realized that maybe, i can do it beyond everybody else's expectation. idk. haha. :) but really, thank you so much too denise! with that, i will definitely enjoy the ride with my thesis. hehe. have a blessed week! and thanks for constantly visiting my facebook and blog :")

  5. the print might be simple but i love it , it has a calming effect
    Keep in touch

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  7. That's wonderful! Good luck with getting it finished.

  8. cute prints!


  9. nice post dear.
    i love the colors of the wall art.
    very dainty.

    Ms. Kei

  10. Super cute, so nice

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