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I love trinkets and treasures just like Ariel of the Little Mermaid. :) And so, I came up with this blog section which I'd like to call, LITTLE TREASURES! Here in Little Treasures, I will share to you my great finds! From clothes, jewelry, accessories, books, trinkets, to artworks and paintings, and anything under the sun which I like and which you might like as well. Hope you'll enjoy this little section of my blog.~


Hello dreamers! Allow me to share to you one of the few people who makes this world interesting and a little less boring through his wonderful photographs and art pieces.

The print can be purchased here.

The print can be purchased here.

These Paris photos are my absolute favorites! And I'm guessing you know why. :)

Gygante is a shop filled with breath-taking fine art photography and as well as enchanting and colorful lamps made from recycled bottles --- incredible right?! Also, Gino Escate, the owner of Gygante also makes furniture pieces made from recycled materials such as pallets, reclaimed wood, and plastic but unfortunately, he doesn't sell them on etsy because the shipping cost will be very expensive. But even that's the case, I just want to express my fascination toward them.

Anyway, I am fortunate enough to be able to interview and talk to Gino who is based in Lima, Lima Metropolitan Area, Peru

**Read the interview after the jump!**

1. Hello Gino! Why Gygante? How did you come up with the name?

Hi, Gygante starts with GYG (G and G in Spanish) and it means Gino (me) and Grace (my wife). I played with the language and the result is Gygante (sounds like "Giant")

2. Can you please tell us the story behind your shop?

I'm an industrial engineer who loves crafts and arts, especially photography. Some years ago I started making lamps using glass bottles and recycled materials and then sold them to my friends, and then I started my career in photography and sell some photos here in Etsy. Then I started printing my photos in cell cases, here my knowledge about industrial engineering helps me to find machinery and work in my own studio but I couldn't make all of this possible without my wife. She supports me a lot and helps me with the designs because she is a graphic designer

3. Where do you get your inspirations from in making your fine art photography?

The cities, the nature, a kid smiling, animals, a cow, the way of life of the people in different places. Everything is an inspiration for me

4. Do you have a favorite piece in your photographs? or is there a photo which is the most special to you? and why?

I have a lot of favorite photos but this is special to me. Here are my parents at the beach with a beautiful sunset. With this, I can see the peace and love around them

5. How did you come up with selling your own design of iphone cases?

I wanted to show my art to all the world and people carry their phones everywhere so what's better than that?! :D But also I can customize the case with your own art, photo, design, collage, etc. And not only iPhone, but Samsung galaxy, HTC and BlackBerry

5. Can you tell us a little something about the process in creating your cases and as well as your fine art photography?

Everything starts with photography. I go around my town, also I try to travel a lot and take photographs of different places like jungle, desert, old cities, animals, etc. Then I pick the best photos and print them in cases. I have a special printer and appropriate machines to do it in my own studio. The same process is to printing a customized case. Finally, I pack and ship the cases

6. What's your message to your buyers, admirers, and to all the aspiring photographers out there?

In general, follow your dreams and make the things which makes you happy. I'm an industrial engineer and 10 years ago started working in factories, but I needed more to feel good with myself so I started with photography and when I notice that people like my work, it makes me feel great.

**end of the interview**

As an interior design student, I find his photographs, recycled lamps and furniture out of this world and definitely fantastic! And if I'm a techie person, I'd definitely buy a case! See that The Fault in our Stars case design at question number 5? ahhhh! a must-have!~

It was fun meeting Gino and I really enjoyed spending some time in his shop.

You can check-out Gygante through:


Rae Abigael J. Caacbay is a young creative who went through a quarter life crisis by the end of 2016. Though she's still lost, she keeps on moving forward anyway as a ballerina, visual artist, lifestyle blogger, and a BS Interior Design graduate based in the Philippines.


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    1. Thanks for letting me feature you Gino and I'm glad you like it! :)) More power and God bless with your shop and your career :))

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  6. Awesome post Rae! Thanks for sharing this site, the phone cases are super cool! :D

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