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If there's one art haven online, it's probably arisoo.com! As an artist and an art lover, I am very attracted with the different styles that various artists have. This website has an interesting and amazing collection! And in the near future, when I'm already a licensed  and professional interior designer, I'd definitely use their oil paintings and Chinese paintings in my designs and I'll probably recommend them to my clients as well!~

Artisoo.com was found by Vincent and Zachary on 2009, composed largely of artists and art lovers. The company soon prospered relocating to the second software park, just near Xiamen Convention Centre. By 2011 the company had a handful of team players and stood on the verge of amazingly rapid growth.

What's interesting about this art online shop, aside for the fact that they have a wide range of oil paintings and Chinese paintings reproduction pieces, is that you can ask them to customize an oil painting from a photo of yourself or of your loved ones and give those to them as gifts! Really incredible right?! Read more about artisoo here.

Also, these are the shop's six hot-selling paintings!

Original artist: Claude Oscar Monet
Hand painted by Artisoo artists

Original artist: Pablo Picasso
Hand painted by Artisoo artists.

Original artist: Georgia O'Keeffe
Hand painted by Artisoo artists.

Original artist: Claude Oscar Monet
Hand painted by Artisoo artists.

Original artist: Vincent Van Gogh
Hand painted by Artisoo artists

Original artist: Joan Miro
Hand painted by Artisoo artists.

If you'll ask me, my favorite among these are the Fishing Boats at Sea, A Dream, and San Giorgio Maggiore At Dusk because they are by my favorite artists namely Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso. :)

Anyway, artisoo is kind enough to giveaway 1 painting so to join, just comment what's your favorite among the 6 (please choose only 1). They will choose the blog owner and winner through comments and they will pick the winner after two weeks!

So just comment away dreamers!~
Have a great week! :))


Rae Abigael J. Caacbay is a young creative who went through a quarter life crisis by the end of 2016. Though she's still lost, she keeps on moving forward anyway as a ballerina, visual artist, lifestyle blogger, and a BS Interior Design graduate based in the Philippines.


  1. My fav one is the fishing boat
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  3. i like the San Giorgio Maggiore At Dusk


  4. Fishing boat is the one I like the best but I must say they all look really nice

  5. I didn't knew this site, I'll give a look soon, everythings looks lovely!


  6. Amazing paintings :)

  7. awww very lovely paintings, love the cup of silver ginger!

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  8. Such pretty paintings! I think my favorite is 'San Giorgio Maggiore At Dusk'. The colors are just so breathtaking together. (but I might be biased since dusk is my second favorite time of day, dawn being my absolute favorite!) Really though, pretty much anything by Claude Oscar Monet is beautiful.

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