FREE: Kawaii Mustache Backgrounds

Hello everyone!~

While I am drafting plans and other working drawings for design school, here is a little treat from me to you. I made these KAWAII MUSTACHE BACKGROUNDS some time last year. You can right click on your desired background and click 'save picture as' to download.

See the background photos after the cut!

Please don't share these backgrounds as downloadable photos and claim them as your own. If you would like to share, please LINK IT HERE ON MY BLOG. Thank you and God bless!


Rae Abigael J. Caacbay is a young creative who went through a quarter life crisis by the end of 2016. Though she's still lost, she keeps on moving forward anyway as a ballerina, visual artist, lifestyle blogger, and a BS Interior Design graduate based in the Philippines.


  1. Hi Rae,

    I'm not exactly crazy over moustache the last series of stripe background has really got me there! The colour combination is pretty!

    BTW, I'm holding my 2nd blog giveaway. There are Kimmidoll, L'Occitane, Crabtree n Evelyn and Fleurfaerie stuff to be won. Feel free to check it out and participate if keen. Have a lovely Sunday!

    1. Hello Jo! :) at least you liked the last set! hihi. Thanks for the invite :)

  2. Wauw, that's lovely! Especcialy the smiley ones.

  3. Aww, how cute. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  4. Oh my gosh these moustache background are so cute! Going to download them now. :) And thank-you for your lovely words of encouragement, it means so much to me and gives me inspiration to keep pushing on-wards.


    1. hello! thank you so much too and you're very welcome dear. Good luck with everything! :)