Black Roses

(sources: 12 & 3)

I think that black roses are more sweet and adorable than any other colors. I find them beautiful. I haven't really had nor received a bouquet of black roses yet but whoever will have the heart in doing so, I'll surely be very grateful and touched. :"> Anyway, I also find dried roses beautiful. In fact, dried flowers makes my heart leap! :))

The perfect bouquet for me would definitely be a black and blue rose combination plus a hand-written letter. :")

What about you, what's your dream bouquet? or your favorite flowers?


Rae Abigael J. Caacbay is a ballerina, visual artist, and a BS Interior Design graduate based in the Philippines. She went through a quarter life crisis by the end of 2016 and though she's lost in the middle of fulfilling her dreams, she still keeps on moving forward anyway. Most of her work focuses on interior design, writing/marketing, and painting.


  1. I don't love more the black rose, but blue are wonderful!
    My latest post--> Un tocco di Blu
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  2. The black roses are amazing... such beauty... I think if I could have my choice, I would want a deep purple rose... :)

  3. The black roses are really pretty! They seem very mysterious, but beautiful!
    I really love a light pink rose =)

  4. My father's favorite flower was the yellow rose

  5. Hi dear!! Thank you for your amazing coment :)
    This post is so interesting and cool!!
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  6. Incredible pictures! They are so mysterious and cool.

  7. I love the black! It definitely stands out from your usual bouquet of flowers!

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  9. Fabulous pictures ! Black roses are wonderful.
    Have a lovely weekend sweetie.

  10. I'd never actually seen black roses before and was never totally sure what was meant when I heard them mentioned in the lyrics to a song long ago. I only recently starting looking at different kinds of flowers in nurseries and garden shops. There are so many varieties of flowers that I didn't even know existed. I haven't picked a favourite yet.
    I hope someone you love gives you some of the flowers you like so much.

  11. They look so wonderful. Magical photos. :)