Art Talk & Demonstration on Chinese Watercolor Rendering

With the Chinese Painter, Mr. Jiang Yang Hui. We actually went back to the AVR by the time all the people were gone because we wanted to get our pictures taken with him. haha.

Yesterday, July 17,2013 , I was a bit grouchy because I fell asleep the night before instead of finishing my plate for Interior Design which will be passed on the same day. :-/ Then I arrived in school a bit late. hahaha. Anyhow, what started as a bad day turned out to be an awesome day! I wasn't late in class and the deadline of my unfinished plate was moved! Our block's original plan was to attend this talk and demo together. But unfortunately, Beato AVR was jam-packed and we can't squeeze in anymore! But being thirsty with new knowledge, Jeca and I squeezed ourselves in. mehe.

Two years ago, I attended a super cool debut because my friend was Chinese. :)) The debut was celebrated using 3 languages. Chinese, English and a bit of Tagalog. And Willord Chua hosted it! So upon seeing him at the talk and demo, I was literally staring at him from my seat because I kept saying, he looks so familiar! Then he was introduced on stage and I texted my friend for confirmation. hahaha.

He's a host on ChinoyTV :D

We checked out Mr. Jiang's exhibit after class and I was so amazed! I was inspired already during the talk and demo though! Now, I'm loving Chinese Art!! :D

We ended the day by eating at Calda Pizza! :) It was Lauren's birthday and Raissa's late birthday celebration! haha :D

Photo credits:
Hazelyn Abigail Tan
Princess Arispe



Rae Abigael J. Caacbay is a young creative who went through a quarter life crisis by the end of 2016. Though she's still lost, she keeps on moving forward anyway as a ballerina, visual artist, lifestyle blogger, and a BS Interior Design graduate based in the Philippines.


  1. Woah that's the biggest pizza I've ever seen! The art work is very pretty too :)
    Don't overwork yourself too much Rae!

    1. Hello Annabelle! thank you so much! I'm trying to relax a bit by watching movies while working on school plates (drawings)! :) And the pizza is not just huge because it's seriously delish! :D

  2. you're so lucky ^^, and it looks like you really had an awesome day. nice photos. (:

    Our Sweet Wonderworld

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  9. seems you really had fun and you're so lucky to have a picture w/ that man . :)

  10. Wow, that is a big pizza. Looked like you guys had fun.

  11. You're so lucky! :D looked like you had fun there, and's a really big pizza...O.O

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    1. you're welcome! Thank you! I really did! and the pizza was really delish! :D

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  13. My grandma always told me when the start of the day is bad, the day can only get better!

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