Valentine's Day.

February 14. i don't have a boyfriend because i don't want to have one yet. okay? haha. and this ain't a forever alone day for me. in fact, this day was so awesome and i seriously seriously loved it! :)

i don't have classes every Tuesday and Vday fell on a Tuesday so i was a slugabed that day. haha. This love day started as i went to UST for my Ola Bayle dance training. My partner was there and all the other contestants and  we're all excited to get out of practice. you know what i mean? =)

so after training, wooohooo! :)
love, love, love is in the yfc's air. <3

balloon art from one of my ka-birthdays whom i met at the backstage, kuya earl! :)
he always amazes me. 

and here were our ids.

this is John Allen Espayos. =) i just met him last January at the Praise and Fashion and it seems like we've known each other since the dawn of time!

and this is Arvin. my praise and fashion partner!

Sarap Maging Sister! :D


and here we're preparing something for the dudes.

swirl a little pixie dust and everybody's smiling as the Girls and dudes danced with God.

i feel so loved YFC. Thank you so much Lord. =)

*photos: mine and Ayis Hernandez :)


Rae Abigael J. Caacbay is a ballerina, visual artist, and a BS Interior Design graduate based in the Philippines. She went through a quarter life crisis by the end of 2016 and though she's lost in the middle of fulfilling her dreams, she still keeps on moving forward anyway. Most of her work focuses on interior design, writing/marketing, and painting.

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